A truly spell-binding combination of talents, drawing on traditional tales from Wales, Ireland, England and Scotland. Fine voices, stunning harmonies and a warm, lively and humorous rapport with audiences.

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Damosel at the Millenium Centre


Anne Lister and Mary Mc Laughlin


Concerts, storytelling sessions, workshops


Currently booking for a UK and European tour for summer 2011, from the end of July to early September. If you are interested in other dates and locations, please contact us to discuss.


Heritage properties, special interest groups, festivals, village halls, arts centres, folk festivals and clubs, libraries. Anywhere in the UK or elsewhere in Europe.

And who or what is Anonyma?

Mary and Anne toured together in the 1980s under the name of Anonyma, working mostly in folk clubs but also playing at festivals and touring in the USA and Ireland. In 2009 there was a brief reunion tour, taking in the Welsh Millennium Centre, folk clubs in Cornwall and London, a concert in West Wales and the Broadstairs festival.